Tuesday, February 26, 2013

emClient - alternative to Outlook

eM Client
is a light alternative to MS Outlook.

It integrates enhanced Calendaring interface, Task and Contacts.

eM Client fully supports U3 USB smart drives.
With eM Client&Calendar you can easily import your messages and contacts from MS Outlook, Outlook Express, The Bat, and Thunderbird.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
emClient downlod

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sumatra PDF free PDF reader. New version 2.2.1

Sumatra PDF
is a free PDF, eBook (ePub, Mobi), XPS, DjVu, CHM, Comic Book (CBZ and CBR) reader for Windows.
Sumatra PDF is small, portable and starts up very fast.

Sumatra PDF portable download

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

RQMoney finance organizer

is unique financial program (software) for households.
Instead of other similar programs this one excels several advantages. Is portable (no need to install), small, very fast, user friendly, stable and safe.

RQ Money portable download

RegSeeker - Registry and Cleaning tool for Windows

RegSeeker is the all-in-one toolbox for your Windows.

It includes a powerful registry search and cleaner tool. Take full control of your startup entries, services, drivers, histories, junk files (protect your privacy), installed applications, browsers extensions, and more !

With RegSeeker you'll exactly know what is installed and running on your PC.

RegSeeker portable download

Friday, February 15, 2013

Miranda IM open-source multi protocol instant messenger client. New version 0.10.10

Miranda IM
is a multi-protocol instant messaging client for Windows.

Very light on system resources and extremely fast, Miranda IM requires no installation and can be made to fit on a single floppy disk or USB drive.
Featuring a powerful plugin-based framework and boasting over 350 plugins, Miranda IM is one of the most flexible and customisable messaging clients on the planet.

Miranda portable download

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Task Coach - todo manager

Task Coach for the desktop

The desktop version of Task Coach (Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD) has the following features:
  • Creating, editing, and deleting tasks and subtasks.
  • Tasks have a subject, description, priority, start date, due date, a completion date and an optional reminder. Tasks can recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Tasks can be viewed as a list or as a tree.
  • Tasks can be sorted by all task attributes, e.g. subject, budget, budget left, due date, etc.
  • Several filters to e.g. hide completed tasks or view only tasks that are due today.
  • Tasks can be created by dragging an e-mail message from a mail user agent (Outlook, Thunderbird, Claws Mail, Apple Mail) onto a task viewer.
  • Attachments can be added to tasks, notes, and categories by dragging and dropping files, e-mail messages, or URL's onto a task, note or category.
  • Task status depends on its subtask and vice versa. E.g. if you mark the last uncompleted subtask as completed, the parent task is automatically marked as completed too.
  • Tasks and notes can be assigned to user-defined categories.
  • Settings are persistent and saved automatically. The last opened file is loaded automatically when starting Task Coach.
  • Tracking time spent on tasks. Tasks can have a budget. Time spent can be viewed by individual effort period, by day, by week, and by month.
  • The Task Coach file format (.tsk) is XML.
  • Tasks, notes, effort, and categories can be exported to HTML and CSV (comma separated format). Effort can be exported to iCalendar/ICS format as well.
  • Tasks, effort, notes, and categories can be printed. When printing, Task Coach prints the information that is visible in the current view, including any filters and sort order.
  • Task Coach can be run from a removable medium.

Task Coach portable download

LibreOffice portable - new version 4.0.0

Libre Office - panel startowy


is a complete office suite including word processor,

 presentations, database, drawing tool and more.

Includes excellent compatibility for 100s of file

 formats including
 OpenXML (docx, xlsx, etc.)

LibreOffice Portable download.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Firefox - Internet browser

Mozilla Firefox is the popular web browser.

It has lots of great features including popup-blocking, tabbed-browsing, integrated search, improved privacy features, automatic updating and more.

Firefox portable download

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbird - fast browser

Is the alternative to google chrome.

Superbird is a free browser with special emphasis placed on speed, stability and data security. Compared to other browsers, Superbird surprises with extremely fast site rendering.

Home page Superbird

The browser is based on the open Google Chrome source code but does not send data about user behavior (e.g. visited sites) to Google. There's a variety of extensions for Superbird, like adblocker, themes, plugins

Superbird portable download

Spider Player PRO v2.5.3 - free !

Spider Player - Music Player.
Amazing sound quality Internal 32-bit sound processing adds extra clarity and fidelity to playback, even if your sound card is not capable of output in such resolution. 

Spider Player PRO is completely free now

 Please use the following license key to unlock all the PRO features: 27U3Z909I95-KK147A893S4K6Y1M0F-780363812 (enter carefully, make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces, but don't remove the dashes)

Database Browser - new version 02.02.2013

Database browser
Is an universal table editor This easy to use tool allows user to connect to any database and browse or modify data,run sql scripts, export, import and print data.

Database browser portable download

Saturday, February 2, 2013

SlimBrowser - free web browser. New version 6.01.096

Lightning Fast Faster startup, faster web browsing, 10x faster file & video download, 10x faster photo upload.

 Convenient and Efficient Save wasted time, keystrokes & mouse clicks with artificial intelligence and automation.

 Powerful and Versatile Critical and nice-to-have features alike, SlimBrowser does it all for you without plugins.

Secure and Protective Integration with online virus scanners, securely manage passwords, safely erase all traces.

SlimBrowser portable

Friday, February 1, 2013

Multi Commander 2.8.2 new version 01.02.2013

Multi Commander is a multi-tabbed file manager that is an alternative to the standard Windows Explorer.
It uses the very popular and efficient dual-panel layout.
Multi Commander has a everything you need in your daily works with files to make your work fast and efficient.