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Opera Mail - client of electronic mail and news client that was built into the Opera browser to version 12

Opera Mail - client of electronic mail and news client that was built into the Opera browser to version 12 (inclusive).
 Its interface is a little different from other e-mail clients to ensure better integration with Opera.
It has a spam filter (automatic and learner - «Bayesian»), supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP and ESMTP, news groups, news feeds RSS, Atom, and NNTP.
 As the new version of the Opera browser version 15 (now it has the status of the Next, that is still not a release) is now based on shell Chromuim, 90% of the functions of the browser lost, including the mail client. Company Opera Software has released a mail client in a separate Annex, which is the exact copy of all the options friend mailer users of Opera.

Opera Mail 32 bit     Opera Mail 64 bit


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